Interested in nature’s remedies for what ails you? Dr. Pamplona-Roger’s passion for sharing with readers what nature has to offer is plainly evident. He pulls back the curtain, revealing the medicinal properties on about 200 plants. Their strength and healing power fulfils the human body’s needs. Medicinal plants are within our reach. Many of us can benefit from by using these natural remedies correctly.

You’ll find botanical descriptions of the plants and the physical organs that the plants affect. You’ll learn about the different features of the plants and how to prepare them for use. Herbal teas. Fomentations. Baths. Poultices.

Detailed illustrations will enhance your study. Peer into the finer aspects of the plant parts. Leaves. Roots. Stems. Flowers.

You’ll appreciate Dr. Pamplona-Roger’s simple, straightforward language. He describes a multitude of natural treatments. He clearly places the healing characteristics of medicinal plants and their practical use within your reach.

Pages: 384, hardcover; includes multimedia, interactive DVD
Dimensions: 9.9 x 6.9 x 1 inches

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