The Message of Daniel (volume 1) – A best selling classic, it contains the latest research on the fascinating prophetic book of Daniel. It brings the story of how God revealed to Daniel the rise of great world empires centuries in advance. A selected bibliography, a topical index, and a scriptural index are provided.

331 pages, hardcover, not pictured.

The Message of Revelation (volume 2) – This work unites recent scholarship with a compassionate message to all who are searching for meaning in world history and current events. It analyzes the fascinating symbols and prophecies of Revelation that have already been fulfilled and the others that are about to be accomplished. It talks about the mark of the beast and the seal of God, the seven last plagues, the battle of Armageddon, the role of the United States in prophecy and many others.  At the end of the book a selected bibliography, a topical index and a scriptural index are available to ease the use of the material.

573 pages, hardcover, pictured.

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